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Umm Hafsa Snap Button Grey Jilbab Saoudian one piece

32,90£ 25,90£

Here is a Saudi jilbeb that will live up to your expectations in sha Allah!


This jilbeb is very wide and very covering, it is equipped with clips, it has a chin cache and an integrated headband.

The cuffs are held by a closure composed of 2 clips for a better maintenance of the jilbeb.

The sides of the cape are sewn over the entire length of it, when you raise your arm, it is not possible to see under your jilbeb.

The jilbeb is sewn into an Egyptian whool pech tissue.


* Why clips?

The clips will allow you to fold and hold a part of the jilbeb in front of the chest, otherwise you will have both sides in front of the chest, which aims to better cover it, especially when there is wind.

You do not have to clip the jilbeb, it can very well be clipped like declipser.


* Why this fabric?

We selected this fabric because it is very covering, opaque and pleasant to wear. Also the Egyptian whool pech fabric is very light.

This fabric is suitable for all seasons.

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Saoudian Jilbab one piece Snap Button
Size 0 up to 155cm
Size 1 up to 160cm
Size 2 up to 165cm
Size 3 up to 170cm
Size 4 up to 175cm
Size 5 up to 180cm